Landscaping Ideas for Side of Garage

It’s remarkable how a garage can pose a challenge for those passionate about landscaping. The design dilemma often arises when faced with this blank surface that could harmonize with the surrounding greenery. Exploring innovative solutions becomes key when addressing this gardener’s predicament. While home stores and nurseries might close their doors, the quest for transforming this space doesn’t halt. Having a vision, a plan, paves the way for turning this obstacle into a canvas.

Consider this wall as a canvas, a place where your imagination meets the bricks and mortar. Embracing the lush green space in your mind’s eye, envision ideas that blend functionality with aesthetics. From vertical gardens to trellises adorned with climbing vines, explore the possibilities that merge nature with architecture. The recessed or protruding wall becomes an opportunity rather than an obstruction.

If you lack a garage, don’t be disheartened; these strategies are versatile. Extend these landscaping notions to any wall or fence you aim to beautify. The essence lies in transforming mundane structures into picturesque backdrops for your outdoor haven. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can simple call Star Landscaping Clifton NJ for the best services.

Cover the Face of Your Garage

When considering ways to cover the garage exterior, ponder the potential of a vine. An empty wall offers an opportunity for verdant transformation, enhancing the surrounding garden ambiance. Picture a shady backyard adorned with a Climbing Hydrangea or a lush boxwood hedge, delineating the flowerbed’s contours, infusing formality into the landscape.

Vine Selection Insights

Exploring vine options, delve into the Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea Petiolaris), a deciduous, self-adhering climber boasting vibrant green foliage and exquisite white, lace-cap flowers. Its slow growth initially burgeons into robust vitality once established. This vine thrives with consistent water supply, particularly during scorching weather. Pruning post-flowering is essential for optimal growth. Adaptable to varied light conditions from full sun to deep shade, it spans heights of up to 50 ft. with a spread reaching 80 ft., suitable for USDA zones 4-9. You can simply call Star Landscaping for these services.

Garage Facade and Sun Exposure

Should your garage bask in full sun, consider alternatives like clematis, sweet peas, or a climbing rose. Unlike the Climbing Hydrangea, these climbers necessitate sturdy trellising for support, complementing the garage façade while thriving in sunlight.

Frame and Paint Panels of Wooden Lattice to Create a Trellis

Crafting a trellis for climbing vines involves a delightful interplay of woodworking and artistic expression. Begin by framing sturdy panels of wooden lattice—the backbone of this verdant canvas. Each step, from the precise framing to the meticulous painting, breathes life into this structure, an open invitation for nature’s elegance to weave through.

Artistry in Woodwork

The artistry lies in the construction of these panels. Each panel serves as a window for the climbing vines, fostering a harmonious blend of structure and natural beauty. The choice of wooden lattice forms the core, offering both support and an aesthetic backdrop, complementing the organic growth of the vines. Our Landscaping Company know how to handle it and make the best out of it so you can contact us for these kind of services.

A Canvas for Nature’s Beauty

Once framed and painted, these panels metamorphose into a trellis, a picturesque frame that cradles the aspirations of climbing vines. Positioned strategically, this trellis becomes an architectural feature, marrying the craftsmanship of woodworking with the organic allure of nature.

Create a Focal Point

Embracing the art of transformation within a formal garden involves more than just the greenery; it’s about crafting a captivating focal point. Consider the allure of a trelliswork and a thoughtfully placed bench, effortlessly elevating a mundane red brick wall to something truly special. For those without carpentry skills, procuring a decorative, laser-cut panel becomes a viable alternative, an opportunity to infuse personality into the space.

Decorative Panels

Exploring the realm of options, there exist enticing selections like the Matrix Woodland Plastic Decorative Screen and the Matrix Jungle Charcoal Recycled Plastic Decorative Fence Panel, both offering distinctive visual appeals. These panels, readily available at home improvement stores like Home Depot, present affordable choices to redefine your space. Transforming these panels into a harmonious match for your inspiration involves a simple yet impactful step: spray painting them in a creamy hue, utilizing paint specifically designed to adhere to plastic.

Elevated Aesthetics

For those with a more generous budget, indulging in panels featuring a rustic metal finish unveils a different level of sophistication. These upscale options offer a touch of elegance and durability, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your garden space. Star Landscaping can help you create one.

Make a DIY Trellis

Crafting a DIY trellis is a gratifying endeavor, offering an opportunity to merge woodworking skills with garden finesse. With a few precise cuts and the right materials, a wooden trellis becomes an enticing weekend project. Picture strings or wires strategically aligned vertically, anchored by sturdy nails, providing essential support for the delicate fine tendrils of climbing plants like the elegant clematis. This hands-on creation not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of artisanal charm to your garden landscape.

Personal Touch in Crafting

Embracing the process of crafting a trellis infuses a sense of personal achievement into your garden space. Each cut and placement of nails becomes a testament to your woodworking prowess, creating a structure that harmoniously supports the growth of climbing plants.

Establish a Garden Spanning the Entire Garage

Embracing the landscape adjacent to your garage offers an opportunity to craft a unique, sprawling garden. Rather than following a conventional straight line, envision a gentle curve extending from the structure, incorporating an array of vibrant shade-loving plants. Integrate elements like a rustic brown ceramic pot atop a sturdy concrete pedestal—these subtle accents provide not just visual interest but also serve as a momentary resting place for the wandering eye. Identifying the various plants within this serene shade garden contributes to its allure, inviting deeper exploration into this harmonious blend of flora.

Curated Garden Design

Designing a garden that seamlessly spans the length of your garage requires a thoughtful interplay of foliage, texture, and structure. Consider the intermingling of diverse shade-loving plants, strategically positioned to thrive in this unique microclimate, curating a tranquil oasis along the architectural expanse of the garage.

Use Potted Annuals for Summer-Long Color

When it comes to infusing vibrant hues into hardscaped areas, potted annuals become the transformative agents. While hardscaping may exude an aura of low-maintenance practicality, it sometimes lacks that vivacious touch. Picture a narrow corridor flanked by stoic neutral stone, leading the way between the house and garage toward the vibrant bursts of the garden beyond. It’s here that strategically placed pots of annuals work their magic, breathing life into the otherwise unassuming landscape, infusing it with a kaleidoscope of color throughout the summer months.

Blossoming Brilliance

The artistry of incorporating potted annuals lies in their ability to provide an ever-changing canvas of color. Their adaptability and continuous blooming patterns create a dynamic visual spectacle, elevating the aesthetic appeal of even the most unassuming hardscaped areas.

Create an Entrance

Crafting an entrance between two distinct spaces, like a garage and a garden, serves as a visual demarcation, offering a sense of transition and distinction. This interstitial zone becomes an opportunity to infuse personality and charm. A welcoming wooden arbour or a stately stone gate can mark this division elegantly, not merely as physical separators but as symbolic thresholds, delineating the realms of the driveway and the verdant green space. The artistry lies in creating an entrance that not only separates but also unites, inviting exploration and hinting at the unique experiences that lie beyond.

Evoking Distinction

An entrance is more than a mere gateway; it’s a narrative preamble. A well-crafted wooden arbour or an imposing stone gate doesn’t just separate areas; it evokes a sense of arrival, signaling the transition from one space to another. It’s the creation of an atmosphere, setting the tone for what awaits beyond the threshold.

Install a Wall Fountain

The process of installing a wall fountain introduces an element of serenity into your space. As seen in the inspiration photo, the allure of vines weaving around the wall fountain adds a touch of natural elegance. Yet, even in a different scenario, a second example illustrates the enchantment that trickling water brings. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the gentle flow of water offers a soothing soundtrack, effortlessly masking street sounds and providing a tranquil ambiance, making it an inviting addition to any environment.

Harmonizing Tranquility

The beauty of installing a wall fountain lies in its ability to merge seamlessly with diverse settings. Whether embraced by vines or set in an alternate setting, the presence of trickling water fosters a serene atmosphere, creating a harmonious blend between nature’s grace and the urban soundscape.

Transform the Garage into a “Cottage”

The challenge of transforming a typical garage into a cozy “cottage” within a compact townhouse garden isn’t merely about altering structures; it’s an art of perception. Surrounding the area with roses and trailing green ivy softens the architectural edges, while a whimsical lantern and a charming wreath on either side of the door infuse an air of quaintness. This curated atmosphere transforms the garage’s appearance, evoking a sense of warmth and homeliness reminiscent of a countryside cottage, fostering an inviting ambiance that transcends the mere functionality of the space. Our Landscaping Company is expert in these kind of ideas so you can call us if you want a better design and pleasing aesthetics.

Artistry of Ambiance

The essence of transforming a garage into a cozy “cottage” revolves around creating an aesthetic appeal that goes beyond physical alterations. It’s the amalgamation of natural elements like roses and green ivy, coupled with decorative accents like a picturesque lantern and an alluring wreath, which encapsulates the charm and coziness reminiscent of a tranquil countryside retreat.

Repeat the Design to Cover the Whole Space

The challenge of working within a narrow space often demands ingenious solutions. Climbing vines emerge as a popular choice, offering a versatile means to expand visual impact. In the initial scenario captured in the first photo, the deliberate repetition of a honeysuckle vine amplifies its effect, maximizing its influence within the limited area. In a contrasting second example, the strategic use of hanging baskets elevates color to meet the eye at eye level, effectively utilizing vertical spaces to extend the design’s reach and visual allure.

Maximizing Impact

Repeating design elements within a confined area, whether through climbing vines or hanging baskets, showcases the art of visual expansion. The repeated honeysuckle vine in the first photo exemplifies this, whereas the second example demonstrates how colorful hanging baskets strategically lift colors to the observer’s eye level, transforming even the most restricted spaces into visually engaging and inviting areas.


Dressing up the side of your garage presents an opportunity to inject personality and allure into your property. By leveraging climbing vines, artistic elements, and strategic design repetition, you can transform this often-overlooked space into a captivating focal point. Whether it’s the deliberate repetition of nature’s beauty or the strategic use of hanging baskets, these approaches breathe life into a typically mundane area. Embrace creativity, and elevate the ambiance of your home by exploring these inventive methods to adorn the side of your garage.

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